Massage Techniques Offered

As a massage therapist, I provide a therapeutic session which addresses your muscular and other physical tensions. I combine many therapeutic techniques using:

Relaxation Therapy - use of short or long strokes of Swedish massage techniques to ease out tension in the muscles.

Myofascial Release Techniques -CAMT is a Certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques, which uses many different strokes to loosen any adhesions, scar tissue, or joint restrictions caused from overuse, personal injury, or auto accidents.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy -  this technique is very effective if a person suffers with headaches, TMJ dysfunction in the jaw, or neck pain. It is the ability tobe able to release the cranial plates in the skull, and allow them to move, which can be a life-altering experience for those in chronic pain.

Sports Massage - this approach combines Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and other modalities to increase flexibility, strength, and longevity in one's sport. This is for elite athletes, beginning athletes, or weekend warrior athletes.

Deep Tissue Massage - this technique uses a firm pressure to coax muscle tissue to relax and let-go. Applying this firm pressure releases adhesions in the muscle fibers and allows the muscles to lengthen and become more efficient in the healing and strengthening process.

Medical Massage - this approach is used when one has a specific condition or injury that they want to have worked on, such as: frozen shoulder syndrome, TMJ pain, sprained ankle, partial tear of tendon or muscle, hamstring pull, low back pain from overuse or twisting motion, overhead work.

Therapeutic massage can help you feel better at any age. It especially helps to improve general health, reduce stress, remove toxins from the body, and enhance the quality of life.

My goal is to individualize each therapeutic session and to meet the needs of each client for: Relaxation, Rehabilitation, and Recovery!

I look forward to meeting with you, and discussing how you wish to improve your life!


Massage Therapy:

1/2 hour: $45
1 hour: $80
1 1/2 hour: $120



Mon. thru Fri. 9-6
By appointment only


Located at:

710 Louis Street
Eugene, OR 97402

541-687-6431 office
541-729-5975 cell


Special Modalities

Any or all of these modalities may be used during a session. Whether to use these techniques or not, is based on the client's needs and desire to further their recovery. No treatment is done without the clients permission.

Cupping Technique - the use of rubber cups on the muscle tissue, to draw metabolic waste up to the superficial surface of the skin. The cup creates a suction, which is a negative pressure, and enables the therapist to stimulate the tissue under the cup. This supports bringing hydration and nutrition to the muscles, tissue movement, and allows the muscle fibers to be freed-up from any adhesions or scar tissue that may be present. Some discoloration may occur with cupping, but this can be an indication of metabolic waste at a sight of injury or trauma.

Fascial Abrasion Technique -  (F.A.T) this is the use of specially designed tools to further release stubborn muscle or tendon adhesions. The release is accomplished by using specific strokes on the surface of the skin, which supports the fascia in its ability to soften, lengthen, and  normalize.

Vibra-Cussor Technique - the use of a hand-held adjustable-speed massager. This technique utilizes adjustable vibratory speeds to help release toxins, increase blood flow, soften adhesions, and increase range of motion in joints.

T-Bars - specially designed wooden tools in the shape of a "T", with rubber tips to help the body release knotted and constricted fibrous tissue in the muscles. Neuro-Muscular Trigger Point Therapy is the primary modality these are used with. These are very effective when used with release techniques for headache pain.